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ANGEL RONAN(TM) and ANGEL RONEN(TM) are trade names belonging to Warren Augustine Lyon.

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Angel Ronan(TM) Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478

Angel Ronan(TM)  Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478
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-Crispus Attucks Party-Tea Party and the Magna Carta!!-

-Crispus Attucks Party-Tea Party!!-February 19th, 2011 article.
The notion of the Boston Tea Party ( Tea Party movement-in current day) arises from an event in history, when in 1776, there was a revolt at Boston harbour, Massachusetts against high taxes imposed by Britain and the King, George, on tea sent to the American colony.
The popular phrase, free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last, was not spoken for the first time by Martin Luther King as first thought. It was uttered first by Crispus Attucks when the American colonialists revolted. In the heat of the struggle with a British army officer, colonialists( some black and some white and some Amerindian) resisted the attacks of the British that day. Just as he was being rifle butted by a British soldier, Crispus cried out the popular refrain ( free at last).  The solider was under orders from a Lord (nicknamed Lord Humungus) who pocketed the extra being charged on tea and who had used Lord Gaius as a wasteful e…