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ANGEL RONAN(TM) and ANGEL RONEN(TM) are trade names belonging to Warren Augustine Lyon.

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Angel Ronan(TM)  Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478
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A Goood Conversation. Chill Winston know wonton? Do you know how the world has blown up four times for an Eskimo that calls himself "white"; "white" that turned all human beings into a piece of cloth and why did the old world of the Romans, Greeks and the Hebrews that is predicated on character tolerate this nonsense about "White"? It was very violent and they never did really tolerate it. Well, they did not and that is why you only have two car companies. The Germans also only have three car companies because technology is colorless just like God. Do you know how to solve for....uh uh...common law? 2+ common law(JesusX)) = happy troglodyte scalawag in a culturally diverse and human, interdependent world. You don't see that an Egyptian Pharaoh had hunter gathering, troglodyte ancestors also. But, in 1492 he had children or descendants with guns and ships all over the world and some who found you hiding in caves in the Bahamas. Do you know Akhenaton? We don't have any more water to waste for "White" or for you to kill humanoids living in the ocean that you want to watch through U boat portals. I am not sure if you heard the stories from the WW2 German U boat first mates but I digress. Anyway, solve for X and common law. Common law = you and X = 1.

We Talk to Interracial Couples 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia (HBO)

Read the laws; no plea of guilt is possible after a jury directed verdict or failure to reach consensus. This the law of the 9th clan and the 50 states of the United States of America. This just in: Cosby's trial ended by conclusive Jury verdict and not by way of the defence moving for a mistrial. A re-trial is estopped. I repeat; this just in and the matter is concluded.

United States Prosecution after acquittal: The defense did not move for a mistrial and the jury had already started to deliberate.  He was acquitted.  With two exceptions, the government is not permitted to appeal or retry the defendant once jeopardy attaches to a trial unless the case does not conclude. Conditions which constitute "conclusion" of a case include
After the entry of an acquittal,whether a directed verdict before the case is submitted to the jury,[53]a directed verdict after a deadlocked jury,[54]an appellate reversal for sufficiency (except by direct appeal to a higher appellate court),[55]or an "implied acquittal" via conviction of a lesser included offence.[56]re-litigating against the same defense a fact necessarily found by the jury in a prior acquittal,[57] even if the jury hung on other counts.[58] In such a situation, the government is barred by collateral estoppel.In these cases the t…