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ANGEL RONAN(TM) and ANGEL RONEN(TM) are trade names belonging to Warren Augustine Lyon.

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Angel Ronan(TM)  Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478
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A new case will discuss how a Creole Lawyer from Louisiana decided that a beneficiary's interest in property could be circumvented with a nod of approval from from the oldest candle stick maker in town who also branched out into automated apologies and legislated enforcement.   The interest not even communicated. Once mentioned on the phone as to the beneficiary's improperly managed property, the matter was amended and the police were notified. Compensation was paid.  The beneficiary received  his interest.
A new spate of cases have reminded us of the value of the color blind criminal law as a set of rules to govern the citizen's safety and administer social and economic interaction as predicated on securing a peaceful habitation for all. The rules prevent both verbal threatening and intimidation in addition to incitement and physical assault.  The issue is that you cannot verbally assault the owner of an 2006 A4 at a gas station by saying "ga deh" to them or anything of the sort.  It is a verbal assault and intimidation while you presume the law keeps you safe from being a victim of a physical assault and criminal damage.  You are liable to face more than one year in jail for any such offence.