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ANGEL RONAN(TM) and ANGEL RONEN(TM) are trade names belonging to Warren Augustine Lyon.

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Angel Ronan SPQL LEx Scripta Service. Call today.

Angel Ronan(TM) Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478

Angel Ronan(TM)  Lex Scripta Service: Call Warren Today at 647-701-9478
Solving Problems with Quality and Respect.

Contact: Mailing address:1 Yonge Street, Ste. 1801 To., Ont. email:


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The Fob English Teacher

'Revelations' by Alvin Ailey

Did you know Warren A. Lyon is an English Law Graduate and, as such, he can say he is an Academic Lawyer in any jurisdiction? But, he hasn't said it yet today that you might ask yourself how did you get here to be so thankful for him. We supply information and assist in finding the voluminous information and actual volumes you need as you have requested in your search form. Use the contact page search form and send it in. We will let you know what we can find and you can purchase our pages and materials that will have what you need; right from our collection. See the search form on this website.

Business information volumes-$250.00.
Legal information  volumes-$250.00. Other and generation questions-$120.00
Document reviews, translating(not advice) and reading to distill the requisite volume-$1500.00.

For full Service legal assistance, try an associated service: Greenfield Urban Firm Consulting: 647-701-9478(not a corporation).  Angel Ronan, Greenfield Urban Consulting; an association. The Angel Ronan side in this association just takes photos and meditates on how the peaceful the world could be without evil people but does not offer services to the public. 

Time Life Photo of the Week: Jesus walked on the water when it was soo shallow and still quite far out and low tide that it could be said by the fisherman further out thst he walked on water.

Outtake from the "Riding the Wild Waves," May 24, 1963. George Silk—The LIFE Picture Collection.

Trump Appears to Be Self-Destructing | The Resistance with Keith Olberma...The issue is that even a full Hitler clone has a right to due process of law as an American President. The clone is not immediately guilty for his ancestor's sin but we might have to be very careful though since we are hunting creative people...rabbit or creative people season. Hitler's dna could repent and desire children instead of stealing and coveting people's creativity. He could also decide to be a patron of artists instead of seeking to put his own name on the art as a oublisher who purchased the right from the photographer or artist His name could be on it as publisher and then he would feel...feel good! He is entitled to the full breadth and gamut of the constitution and the respect that is deserving of a politician with repentant praying 5 times a day in the Oval Office. Hexgas killed every Black person who supported his campaign except for the Black females who asked for the right to kill creative Black males and those who are hoping for sports scholarships; Trayvon!

"Unforgiven" - I'll See You In Hell HD Look at what English Bob Scalawag,Troglodyte did to Ned. But, this time English Bob was Black with a Canadian accent and Jamaican Arawak ancestry. Are you playing Arawak hockey with my common law?